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Deerns is a technical business and engineering consultancy company, that offers a full package of services for the development of innovative, reliable and green data centres. Based on our extensive experience, we have developed many technological innovations and new management and control concepts.

Deerns boasts a highly motivated and well-trained group of over 70 data centre professionals. We have a strong reputation and have worked for over 50 different clients, on more than 350,000 m2 white space and more than 1,000 MW of IT power. Most importantly, we have developed some of the world’s most flexible, reliable and energy efficient data centres.


Projects and Innovations

Digital Realty Trust, Chandler (USA)

Digital Realty Trust, Chandler (USA)

•    Total IT Load = 23 MW
•    White Space = 48,000 m2

Digital Realty provides co-location services worldwide. Deerns guided the whole commissioning process for their Chandler data centre. Furthermore we provided oversight of the process, the sequence of operation and the set points of the controls and building management system.

Digital Realty Trust, Chandler (USA) Digital Realty Trust, Chandler (USA) Istanbul Stock Exchange (TR) Istanbul Stock Exchange (TR) Innovation: <br>Guiding the Cloud Innovation:
Guiding the Cloud
Sberbank Mega Data Centre, Moscow (RU) Sberbank Mega Data Centre, Moscow (RU) Innovation: Cloud Control Innovation: Cloud Control Rabobank Data Centre, Boxtel (NL) Rabobank Data Centre, Boxtel (NL) Global Switch, Amsterdam (NL) Global Switch, Amsterdam (NL) Innovation: <br>Chameleon Data Centre Innovation:
Chameleon Data Centre
Equinix Data Centre, Amsterdam (NL) Equinix Data Centre, Amsterdam (NL) T-Systems International, Magdenburg (DE) T-Systems International, Magdenburg (DE) Innovation: Green Cooling (GCDC) Innovation: Green Cooling (GCDC) Internap, Secaucus (USA) Internap, Secaucus (USA) MegaFon Cloud Data Centre (RU) MegaFon Cloud Data Centre (RU) KPN Data Centre, Haarlem (NL) KPN Data Centre, Haarlem (NL) Cybercentre, KPN, Amsterdam (NL) Cybercentre, KPN, Amsterdam (NL) Innovation: Cold Water Storage Innovation: Cold Water Storage


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